4 comments on ““Bye Bye Boy” by G-Twenty

  1. So, Ko Heejong, he raps either: “Todo cambia. las cosas cambian. no importa si no quiero que las cosas cambien. esos mensajes no eran para mi. no me merezco otra oportunidad? te amo y haria todo por ti. se que me amas tambien. por que no lo intentamos? como si nada nunca hubiera pasado.”


    “Todos cambian, ellas cambian. Parece que solo fui yo, el que no cambio. Piensas que solomente te hare llorar? Tambien puedo amarte y hacer todo por ti. Tum tambiem vas amarme. Se que vas amarme. Mira todo lo que poseo. Si te doy eso y mas, pronto volveras a amarme y ser mia. ”

    There’s two translations so I’m not sure which is it. Or maybe they are both in a different dialogue? I’m going to work on translating these both too, and I’ll tell you what I got. Also, I’m looking for te korean romanization, too. So if I find it, I’ll post it.

  2. This is what I got when I translated the Spanish (above) and kinda filled in the holes best I could: It’s either:

    “Everything changes. things change.
    no matter if you do not want things to change. these messages were not for me.
    I do not deserve another chance? I love you and would do anything for you.
    will you love me too? because we do not try?
    as if nothing had ever happened”
    (“because we do not try? As if nothing had ever happened” might mean “Why don’t we try again, as if nothing had happened?” or “Because we do not try to act like as if nothing had happened” or some variation. I’m not so sure.)


    “Everything changes. things change
    It seems that I went alone, which does not change. (or it could be “It seems that only I was the one who did not change” or some variation.)
    Do you think I’ll only mourn?
    I can also love and do everything for you.
    You’ll also love me.
    I know you’ll love me.
    Look what I have.
    If I give you that and more, soon you return to love and be mine.”

    (they are both similar with only slight differences) Hope this helped.

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