4 comments on ““จีบได้แฟนไม่รัก (Jeep Dai Faen Mai Ruk)” by Four-Mod

  1. Please translate :
    57s – 1m5s ~ in the notes Four Mod stick on the girl’s back
    1m25s – 1m30s ~ in the notes Four stick on the boy’s back
    1m52 ~ letters on the shirt ( of the dog )
    2m12 ~ on the phone of the boy
    2m55 – 3m21 ~ letters on the shirt ~ every change

    thank u so much 😡

    • Thank you for all the time stamps~ ^_^

      :57 = “I can flirt” and “my boyfriend doesn’t love me”
      1:25 = “you can kick me, my girlfriend doesn’t love me” and she sees its misspelled and changes it to “I can flirt, my girlfriend doesn’t love me”
      1:52 = “I can flirt, my master doesn’t love me”
      2:12 = “Let’s break up”
      2:55 = it’s just random letters that are unpronounceable until the finally get it in the right order and it’s “I can flirt, my lover doesn’t love me”

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