16 comments on ““ใก้ล (Glai)” by Scrubb

  1. On my last night in Bangkok, Nov 2012, In a cafe I heard a song that I like from the first time I heard. I asked the waiter, it was Glai by Scrubb.

    So I went back to Jakarta. Trying to find the song online on youtube. But the song there (and everywhere) is a bit rough / rock-y. Quite different from what I heard on that cafe.

    Is there any other version from the song?
    The one I first heard was a bit slower in tempo.

    • This is the only version I know of…
      It was the OST for a movie.
      Maybe another artist did an acoustic cover of it?

      • There is another version of it.

        I don’t speak thai, I can’t read thai, I can’t write thai, after several “painful” hours searching on youtube, I found that version I heard in Silom.

        Check this :

        I love thai music 😀

        • Oh…LOL that’s the album version. xD That’s the song I have on my ipod ahaha. Woops, guess I never noticed it was slightly different, but glad you finally found it!! 😀

          • My conclusion is there are 2 version of the song.
            1. From the album Club (2005), it has 2 music videos. (one on a club, one as a movie soundtrack)
            2. From album called Chood Lek (2008), which is the version I heard in Bangkok.

            Correct me if i’m wrong.

            Anyway, thanks for making this wordpress. I discovered some interesting thai music. (Currently I’m digging 25 Hours — love them)

  2. Hi,

    This song is very beautiful and I appreciate for you making this website. I hope that it is still active. I was directed to the song and this website by a thai girl that I met in the USA that I am very much in love with. It has been very difficult for me as she also cares for another. From what I am reading from these words, I feel this way about her. I melt when I am with her, I cry when she is or not there because of extreme happiness and sadness. I dont know if she sent this to me to ask herself these questions or not, but I know that she does love me. Can you answer a question for me? Does this song have to do with the girl liking both men? The answer to that question might help me understand the meaning of why she gave me this song and website address.

    Thank you,


  3. Hello K’ Tahmnong, can i kindly request for an addition to this lyrics for Twopee’s cover version?


    At point 2:39 and 4:02 he does some short raps which i really would love to learn the meaning.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hello, Can I use your translation in my OPV (unofficial music videos, fan made videos) subtitles on YouTube. My OPV is not commercial video. If you allow, please let me know

    Thanks in advance

  5. I discovered this song through the BL series 2gether. I’m now to listening to other Scrubb’s songs as well. This band is a gem! Thanks for the translation btw!

    • So do I. I didnt expect a Thai series could have 1M view on youtube within 12hr. Thanks for the translation. Stay home and stay health! Wash your hands frequently!

    • Me too. Been hearing to scrubb’s songs all day long. Just like what Win said, when you’re hearing scrubb’s song when you’re happy, you will be double happy

  6. I also encountered this song in 2gether the series. Since then, I’ve been listening to scrubb songs and other thai bands. I even learned this in guitar. Because of this website, I was able to sing along to their songs. Thank you so much P’Tahmnong for translating these beautiful songs for us to appreciate and love. I am now on my way to learn to speak and write Thai. Wish me luck!

    Ada from the Philippines

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