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  1. Thankyou! It’s sad lyrics/translation. 🙁

    Have a nice day! 😉

    Yes Or No Fans (Jess) 😀

  2. Thanks for the translation but i saw two different translation for one sentence, yours is ‘i wonder who assigns people’s dream and made me love you’ but the other translation on youtube is like ‘i want to know who prohibit my love for you’…im confused

    • The translation on Youtube is another way of portraying the same meaning in different words. Though they left out the part about determining dreams, the basic meaning is still there. Thai is very different than English, so a word-for-word translation with perfectly equivalent words is not always possible. Breaking down the sentence:

      ใครหนอใคร (krai nor krai) = a flowery sort of way of asking like “Who, oh who?”
      กำหนด (gum not) = to determine, decide
      ความฝัน (kwahm fun) = dream
      ให้ (hai) = to get someone else to do something
      ฉัน (chun) = I/me
      รัก (ruk) = love
      เธอ (tur) = you
      ไม่ได้ (mai dai) = can’t

      In hindsight, “determine” makes a better translation in mine than “assign,” but otherwise both translations would convey of having their dreams controlled and being in love with someone but unable to love them, the one on Youtube just left out the part about deciding dreams.

      it could also be translated as “I wonder who determines dreams and made me unable to love you,” but since the last line of the song is “but I can’t do it,” and I wanted it to be congruent with the title of the song, I separated the “I can’t” into a separate phrase.

      Hope that clears things up a little bit? 🙂

      • I see, i just started to getting to know thai language just few weeks now (going to thailand next april!! Im excited) & yes i learned that its hard to directly translate to english but thank you very much for explaining to me!

        • Ohh exciting!! How long will you be in Thailand for? ^^
          Good luck learning Thai! Let me know if you ever have any grammar questions or anything~ 🙂

  3. I wonder if the lyrics can be translated into Spanish version keeping the essence of the song which it’s so beautifully sad in many ways but romantic and sensitive too..I’m Chilean but I speak English too and if there’s two ways of meaning those lyrics full of tenderness and sensitivity

  4. Please let me know,and if I have to learn thai to understand and ‘translate’ those lyrics,I will

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