9 comments on ““เพราะใจ (Because of My Heart)” by Jeab Wanthana

  1. This song was connected to me so much….I love crazy little thing called love…..I love Thai movies…I want part two of cltcl………A song that suits me so much tnx crazy little thing called love…you change me a lot like fern pimchanok leuwisedpaiboon

  2. I am simply in love with this song… I watched the movie together with a girl I loved (thai girl, long-distance relationship). We are no longer together, but I still love her, and remember the days we were together…. :'(

  3. Can i know whether this song is mixed with the language, hindi(the officially spoken language in India)…because the starting and the ending of the song that goes on back ground by another girl is of lyrics in hindi… or am i mistaken it to be hindi instead of thai ???

    • Actually yes. I am an Indian I can clearly hear the Hindi lines which isn’t in the above lyrics.

      The line repeats twice and translates to:

      “You and I will be together now, which is what I’ve waited for.”

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