3 comments on ““ครั้งหนึ่ง เราเคยรักกัน (Krung Neung Rao Koey Ruk Gun)” – Da Endorphine

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  2. We may never change our core personalities, but we evolve. We grow. We become much more complicated versions of ourselves as we age, get embellished by the victories in our lives, get seasoned by the experiences that we had, get wiser by the lessons that we learnt, and get scarred by the hurt that we accumulated. We got married 11 years ago. This year, we went to the place where our love reached its peak – the place where I proposed, and she accepted. It was a place of love back then. Now, only fights, bitterness, frustration and sadness remain. The castles remained as grand as they were, the sights were as lovely as we had remembered, but we did not feel any of the same feelings we had back then. Our marriage was between the two people we were from 11 years ago. I have no doubt that those two people are no longer with us. We are like two strangers bound to an agreement that we did not make, but are expected to honour. That is unfair, cruel and it makes very little sense to me. I am afraid of leaving her, afraid of how much I would hurt her, how much I would hurt those around us. But I am in pain, and I am suffering. And I know she is, too. “We are only here briefly, and I want to allow myself, joy.” Save me.

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