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  1. hey can u please romanize rai dieng sa by k-otic.
    i love the song! and i absolutely give u props for
    creating this site, its extremely useful~i think my email’s already
    here…contact me when u receive this please!! 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say love your blog, thanks so much (:
    & i can hear that Japanese line, though it’s really fast
    “While I listen, Time flies, 行くよ信じたい
    While I listen, time flies, Let’s go, I want to believe”

  3. @ Michelle – Thanks so much for stopping by!! Glad you like my blog~~ 😀

    Umm, I did get that Japanese line, I meant the line after it, I can’t make it out cause he mumbles and I can’t find lyrics for it anywhere haha~ I wish RS would include the Japanese and Korean lyrics, at least in Thai letters, instead of just cutting it out with [rap Korean] and [rap Japanese] ahaha

  4. as I can hear it. he’s saying something like:
    ..true love is what I see, yes.
    I’m not quite sure about the “はい” part though
    And since I’m here, I would like to say that I like your blog, I listen to Faye Fang Kaew for a long time,..and am now listening to K-otic a lot too.. I’m also trying to lean Thai =D
    So, I was so glad I found the translations to the songs I listen here. Thank You!

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