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  1. HI,

    May i request for the lyrics of his song “Midnight Sun” in thai and english pls.

    thank you in advance

  2. Please make a romanization of Midnight Sun and the other song from Water Boyy The Movie by Boy Sompob. You guys are the best because there is no other website that have romanization lyrics for thai songs. I’ve been able to learned a bit of thai from you guys. Keep up the good work!! And thank you so much for all your hard works! Total appreciation!

  3. I am learning thai because I like to watch thai movies particularly waterboyy. Thai language is a la tongue twister to me but I am trying very hard before I go there and spend a month tour all over the country very soon in 2017. Is there anyway I can make you to romanized the Midnight Sun?

  4. Love You Right Of Boy Scompob Songs
    We need an English language teacher with a Thai accent. May I ask you a favor? Please do.

  5. can you please translate in english the song
    Best You’ve ever loved( dear doctor i’m coming for soul) OST by Boy Sompob.
    Will really appreciate it!

    Thank You in Advanced

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