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Title: เอ็นจอยหน่อย / Enjoy Noy (Enjoy It)
Artist: Y-Sweet
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

I’ll gather the stars floating scattered throughout the sky and bring them to put in your hand so you can see
I’ll wait where no one can follow
I’ll climb and jump and tread on the dream
I’ll stand back up regardless of how many times I’ll have to fall to the ground again

(*) Whenever I’m out of fire
I grit my teeth and fight on
Telling my heart

(**) Enjoy it, enjoy it
Enjoy the dreams that have been waiting to challenge you
Enjoy it, enjoy it
Get completely into it
Enjoy it
If you don’t run after your dreams, how can you find them?
Enjoy it, enjoy it
Whenever you’ll reach your dreams, enjoy it

As soon as I start, damn it, it’s stopped every time
How many more times does it have to be this way?
But I don’t want it to be just a dream
But I still haven’t been able to make it real yet
Wherever you buy from, wherever you look where everyone claims is good
Making the dreams I have a reality has made me able to see
What success tastes like
I want to try, I want to taste it for once