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Title: สิ่งตอบแทน / Sing Dtaup Taen (Reciprocation)
Artist: UTAN
Album: It Hurts
Year: 2009

All I have left is my breath
With a body that’s tortured
That I don’t know how long it’ll survive
My heart is so weak
From not loving or devoting itself to anyone
However much we mean to me

(*) I’ll never know why
When I devoted myself, the thing that was returned to me

(**) Was the sadness that I’ve accepted back
I must cry myself to sleep with the tears
Though I don’t know the reason, but I want to know
The things I devoted and gave to you from my heart
In the end, remember those words that I love you

I still love you because you’re my breath
Give some hope to this weak man you keep hurting
I remember every time I said I loved you
Though I know how much every word hurts and breaks my heart


[NOTE: Sorry, I can’t find the Thai lyrics anywhere so I translated by ear]