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Title: Toy
Artist: The Toys
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Tum dai kae piang maung doo tur koykoy dern jahk bpai yahng chah chah
All I can do is watch you slowly walk away like this
Gor mai dai kit wah tur tum pit gor reuang baep nee mun tummadah
I don’t think you’re at fault, matters like this are common

Tur mai dtaung tee ja attibai
You don’t have to explain
Teung chun roo tur gor dtaung bpai
I know you have to go
Bpen dai kae nee jing jing kae kon kon diao tee ruk tur tee soot
This is really all I can be; just one person who loves you so much

(*) กระจกใบนี้มันไม่มีราคาใด
Grajok bai nee mun mai mee rakah dai
This mirror is doesn’t have any value
Yah payayahm maung kao bpai
I shouldn’t try to look in
Took laeo tee kao kuan ja dern bpai
It’s correct that she should walk away
Groht dtua eng took krung tee saung
I get angry with myself every time I look at my reflection
(Grajok bai nee)
(In this mirror)



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I like the Toys, but this is not one of the better releases. It’s annoying to me when vocals are muffled by louder instrumentals, and the song could have done with a bit more substance than just a verse and repeating the chorus 5 or 6 times.