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Title: พอได้แล้ว / Por Dai Laeo (I’ve Had Enough)
Artist: Tong Jerry and Friends
Album: [Single]
Year: 2012

I used to think it was easy to forget someone
Just let go of the moments that are still circulating
Go out and do whatever you like
Go out and find something again, or someone you’ve never met before

But every time I’m still alone on this old world
Whichever way I look, I still see your image
A long time has passed
But time hasn’t helped to fade the days that I used to have only you

(*) I’ve had enough, I’m letting my thoughts become passing wind
And be completely meaningless
I’ll finally stop thinking of her, embracing the truth (myself) today without anyone

Since the day you left, I’ve been the same
No matter how much time has passed by
I still remember in my heart
Time has never helped to erase the memories of having you from my heart