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Title: คำตอบ / Kum Dtaup (The Answer)
Artist: The Unknown ft. Toon Pimpawee
Album: OST คู่ปรับฉบับหัวใจ / Koo Bprup Chabub Hua Jai
Year: 2015

Living day to day
Without dreams, unimpressed with everything
Without a goal or a destination
Will there be anyone who understands?

(*) But today I met you
My life changed
From a person who never felt anything
I became a person with a purpose

(**) You are my answer
And you are the final person
I’ll love you with all of my heart
From now on, I promise
I’ll love only you
I’ll love only you
I’ll love you at every moment
From now on, I’ll give you my entire heart

I used to think that there would be some day
That I would find sincere love
What passed, no matter who anyone was
They were just like smoke that faded away