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Title: รักคือ / Ruk Keu (Love Is)
Artist: The Real ft. Organ Nan
Album: [Single]
Year: 2014

What is love?

Love love love love
love love love love

Lesson one, love doesn’t have any reward, it just needs memories
It makes me and her blush, every second I’m alone, I just want to be unashamedly next to my lover
Some just want a place to rest, some are greedy and want a lot of power
You’re free, but my heart hurts like a hammer has driven a nail into it
You do whatever you like, meanwhile I’m sitting here complaining
You turn on the air con; you never use the fan at your house late
You still haven’t gone to bed, trading your body for money to spend
But you have a beating heart like I do too
So I must stay near you, watching you from the shadows
Holding your hand and turning on some poetic music
You smile a little and slowly lie down to sleep, yes!
The smoke from the incense touches the land
Some men are f*ckers and aren’t honest
They’re not like you hear about in fairy tales
You hate them, your eyes wonder what love is

(*) Love is like a storm that ravages for a moment, then leaves
Leaving only a trail of tears behind
Some say love is just the wind, that it takes an eternal break at one person
There’s really no rhyme or reason as to what love is

The moral of the story is that you try to do everything for that person
You agree to everything, to lower yourself right there
Saying this and saying that trying to please him
In the end, he leaves and abandons you, and you’re hurt here, broken-hearted there
Love at first sight is only decorations or filled with secrets
You can try, you can search, you can reach for it, but in the end, saying good-bye is the only thing that’s evident
If you don’t meet that person who will live for you
Keep the good memories that you have from every yesterday and believe in the day
In the middle of the storm in my heart, I believe that
A murderer wasn’t born to think, but was born to kill
He might compare a woman to the act of changing clothes
But I want you to remember that a boat must float into the dock
If you agree to love, travel to forget
From yesterday that was sweet and you believed in it
Nevertheless, in the end, you must separate your separate paths
Let that teach us instead of books as to what love is, yeah


The last chapter of love is what wakes you from your dream, lost deep inside them
Love is like heaven, I’ve seen other people searching for it
Love is so beautiful, you say through the tears
If love is a tattoo, you love him with your blood
But the beauty you can’t see has been hidden in your body
For you, he was the first, for him, you were just an option
Another person was the consultant, aside from that, they aren’t involved, it’s none of their business
So you say you’re not lonely, that your life is just f*cking great
You offer your body and spirit to him
Confident in the word “we,” but that f*cking *ssh*le just takes
You refuse to say much about it, that it’s just loneliness
I feel good when you’re happy
I’ll keep drying your tears when you’re depressed and tortured
You hold my hand and touch the middle of my heart
And ask me if I know what love is


Love is… a storm, storm, storm, storm, storm, love is…the wind, wind, wind, wind, wind