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Title: สวรรค์สร้าง / Sawun Sahng (Heaven’s Creation)
Artist: Teerayuth Klungkaew (ธีรยุทธ คลังแก้ว)
Album: OST สวรรค์สร้าง / Sawun Sahng
Year: 2012

I might not be much of a good guy in your eyes
But I have a heart
I might seem cruel and act like I don’t care
In reality, I realize my mistakes inside
I want to change both my body and heart to love you

I want you to know that I’m sorry
For the things I’ve done
I might have destroyed your compassion
I know how wrong I was, I want to apologize
In the end, the situation I must face is you running away from me
Leaving me in torture

(*) Please realize, just turn around and come back
The further apart we are, the more it just breaks my heart
The one thing I ask for is for you to forgive me
You being so indifferent towards me like that is killing me

(**) This man has learned something new;
That love is the act of giving and not grabbing
This man loves you
I don’t want you to come back, to come back and give me another chance
I’m really sorry