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Title: ทักคนผิด / Tuk Kon Pit (Greeted the Wrong Person)
Artist: T-Skirt
Album: T-Skirt
Year: 1994

How many tears had I lost?
You didn’t care, you didn’t turn around to look
Like it didn’t bother you
To see another person in pain

I thought you were cruel
But I didn’t care because I was leaving
I went far away to escape from you

(*) I never dreamed you’d come
And ask us to start over
The look in your eyes really seemed earnest
You’re a different person from that day

(**) Did you greet the wrong person?
Are we sure we know each other?
I don’t remember ever loving you
Or you ever being interested in me like this
Did you greet the wrong person?
I don’t want to believe you
The cruel person who destroyed me
How could you come and be good to me today?

I’m familiar with you
With the vision of you acting indifferently
The memories that exhaust my heart
I’ve hurt because of you for so long

Meeting you today
There was to trace of yesterday
How do you want me to remember you?