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Title: ล้านคำบอก / Lahn Kum Bauk (A Million Words You Told Me)
Artist: ROOF
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

You told me I love you today, there’s only us
There’s just me standing right here, you won’t have anyone else

Though time passes by, however long it’ll be
We’ll have only concern for each other
There’s only me, only you, only us

(*) Every deceitful word
Telling me that you loved me and that there wouldn’t be anyone else
But no matter what, today, when you’re leaving
All that’s left is…

(**) Just a million words to tell
The words you told me
They were just a trick
You told me you loved me, no matter how much
Time will pass by, there’s only us
But today, it’s meaningless
You just told me, you just said, “good-bye”

I still remember every word in my heart to this day
There would be only you, if today I didn’t have you
I wouldn’t be able to live

Every day, you only asked to have me like this forever
However far away the sky is
There was just you and me close
Wherever you go, I’ll go
With you


You just said, “good-bye”


You just said, “good-bye”

Today I won’t have you beside me
And from the millions of words you told me
All that’s left is the one word, “good-bye”