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Title: ความหมายในเพลงรัก / Kwahm Mai Nai Pleng Ruk (The Meaning of a Love Song)
English Title: “Is This a Love Song?”
Artist: Pom Autobahn (ป้อม ออโต้บาห์น)
Album: OST Together With Me
Year: 2018

The love songs of yesterday
The sweet words that transfixed my heart
The love songs that I listened to seemed like a promise of forever
The absolute beauty of it gripped my heart

With the passing time, the melody faded away
Love isn’t just a matter between two people
There might be tears, and problems arise, making the love mixed up
I’m uncertain with the familiar melody

(*) Is love like this?
Love must hurt like this, right?
The love songs that you understood aren’t like they used to be
The lyrics and melody seem to have changed
As to if there’s the meaning inside
That you still love me
Or that they still love you
The love song will still continue playing

If one day you start to not understand
The millions of reasons and thousands of memories that cause suffering
Don’t forget the music that we sang beside each other when things were bright
Embrace it before it disappears


If you’re still beside me
I won’t let go of your hand and leave
The love song that changed its meaning
Will continue playing