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Title: ใจคน / Jai Kon (The Human Heart)
Artist: Nanglen (นั่งเล่น)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2011

In a moment, it will be certain, in a moment, it will be too late
You can’t get it back, this is the heart, you can’t force it

Last night it still said it loves, but by morning, it has changed
It seems uncertain, this is the heart, it’s never really sure

(*) Open the door of your heart before we love
I want to come or go without trouble, if we love or don’t love, look

(**) Though our hearts could once be controlled
However we order them, they don’t seem to listen
However much some people’s hearts love
If they want to forget, they go ahead and do it, go ahead and do it (I wish you good luck)

However much I love (but they leave me)
I can’t hold them back (there’s no way to restrain them)
It can’t be forced (this is the heart, it can’t be controlled)


This is the heart, it can’t be controlled