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It’s been five years since No More Tear released their debut album in 2008, it’s about time they were finally granted a new album. Look At the Sky was a highly anticipated release for the band~ But man, how much they’ve changed over those five years. Not only have they lost a member, bringing their band of 5 down to a group of 4, but their style of both looks and music is drastically different. What I liked most about No More Tear when they first debuted was their spunky punk rock sound, brazen screw-social-norms lyrics, and brightly-colored outfits and hairstyles. Whether by choice or by the decision of their record label, GMM Grammy, No More Tear has definitely tamed themselves down. I was disappointed to see the change in their newer singles leading up to this album, but as a fan of the band, I wanted to give their new album a chance.

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