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Title: ยิ้มไม่สุข / Yim Mai Sook (Unhappy Smile)
Artist: Hey Ho Let’s Go Bear!!
Album: [Single]
Year: 2013

I’m living with the pain
That keeps emphasizing it inside my heart
How much must I endure it?
How much longer must I wait until it’s over?

There’s no one beside me
No one understands

(*) There are people who never smile with happiness
There are people who don’t ever cry with regret
But some people who force a smile, not wanting to cry
And some people long for a comforting smile
Will I find that chance?
Will you love me with your heart?
Make me not have to be sad and smile through the tears

There’s still hope
Some day, this pain will end
I’ll wait for you to descend
The person who will alleviate my heartache

It’s like you’re so far away
But I still continue to wait

I’ll accept it
I’ll still force myself to smile through the tears