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Title: โลกความเป็นจริง / Lohk Kwahm Pen Jing (The Real World)
Album: It Hurts
Year: 2012

I want to run from the pain
That you inflicted on me, it hurts deep in my heart
I might not be able to tell anyone

It’s a lesson that was impressed into me
I learned and understood how much love hurts
But I still can’t come to terms with it

(*) It hurts until the wound is deep, it hurts all the way to my heart
However much I love you, you never cared about me
What must I do to forget your face that still pains me?
I must evade the truth that only troubles me
I probably won’t tell anyone that I’m hurting
How will tomorrow be? What must I do tomorrow
To return to the real world?

If you’re going to leave me, don’t tell me straight, I understand
But you come and hurt me
With such pain I nearly die, do you know?


How will tomorrow be? What must I do tomorrow
To finally forget your face?

[NOTE: Sorry, I couldn’t find the Thai lyrics, so I translated by ear only]