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Title: The One
Thai Title: “ก่อนมันจะสาย / Gaun Mun Ja Sai (Before It’s Too Late)
Artist: Details
Album: [Single]
Year: 2016

I can’t control it
Inside, it’s crying out, saying you’re the one
Is there any way that we can talk
Or get to know each other before the time goes?

(*) I don’t know if today
I’ll let the time pass, not doing anything
How many years must I regret when I know that
You’re the true love I’ve been searching for?

(**) Before it’s too late, I’ll tell you the truth in my heart
Don’t keep it in
Before it’s too late, I’ll tell you so you’ll understand
How I feel

You’re the only person who makes my heart
Want to love someone for once
But the hands of time keep turning
With my heart that still isn’t brave enough


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