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Title: ให้ / Hai (Give)
Artist: Art Monkey Act
Album: OST บุญ ลุ้นฟ้าหาชีวิต / Boon Loon Fah Hah Cheewit
Year: 2005

Waiting for you to pay attention to me
I’ve been crying out for so long
I want you to have some compassion for me
But I end up with just indifference

(*) When the sky started to clear up
When your heart started to change
It changed the thoughts I’ve been having
From the voice calling out continuously in my heart
I’ve just realized that I messed up

(**) If I could turn back time, I’d give you more than this
The more I think, the more I’m sorry
And I won’t ask much from you
But I’ll give you as much as I have

I’ve realized this, and I regret it
I realized it when it was too late and hopeless
I’m sad when I can’t see the way
To turn back the days again


[NOTE: Sorry, I couldn’t find the Thai lyrics and I don’t have time to type them out, so I just translated by ear/the karaoke video]