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Title: เจ็บพอแล้ว (เลิกคิดได้แล้วว่าเขารัก) / Jep Por Laeo (Lerk Kit Dai Laeo Wah Kao Ruk) [It Hurts Enough Already (Stop Thinking That She Loves Me)]
Artist: Amseatwo
Album: [Single]
Year: 2019

I’ve come to terms with seeing you happy, to seeing him walking holding your hand beside you, how do you want me to accept it?
From the lover whom I gave my heart to that day, the thing I’ve waited for with my dreams to be at my side

(*) Since that day that you told me I wasn’t the man of your dreams
And today our love must end, just end with that

(**) It hurts enough already, stop thinking that she loves me, she’s dumped me already, will I be able to stop crying yet?
It’s tiring enough, I can stop thinking that she’s sincere, after how many times I’ve been hurt, after how many times I’ve cried

(Have I been hurt enough yet?)