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  1. Hahaha, aren’t they all actors from 2 Moons? My guess is that they already have a huge following, if I’m not mistaken. But even in that case, it does seem a little arrogant maybe…?

    • I had to search the members individually to find out yes, they are actors haha. it’s literally not mentioned at all in the description, just that they’re a new group debuting. Maybe because “hardcore fans” are already supposed to know? Or maybe they’re trying to distance themselves from the series and not want to be known from it?

  2. I do agree that the lyrics are a bit off, I mean if I’m Thai and I understand this because I speak natively, I would be disappointed too. Or maybe it’s because I’m not Thai so I do not actually get the real weight behind the words as translations sometimes fail to deliver that. Anyways, they are actors from 2 Moons. It was really a debut that I think is not very much well advertised, as I only saw it from the actors’ Instagram accounts. I’m also not sure if they announced these during their fanmeetings abroad, but I think they didn’t since one actor from 2 Moons isn’t included in SBFIVE. It was a bad choice of a song for a debuting group if they wanted to step away from being known just because of the drama, I really hope they could’ve done better. Kimmon and Copter’s voice were really suiting, I wish they had more lines. But instead, they decided to overlap Kim and Copter’s lines (rap lines, rather, I think) with the final chorus. It would be better if they also added more color to the song, the vocals sounded quite dull, but they’re not entirely singers, so yeah. These were just my opinions hihi. Thanks for the trans! Anyway, I also didn’t understand why they had to release the lyric video first, but Bas (if I remember correctly) stated in IG that the MV will come soon. I hope they had that up first to leave a good impression, though.

  3. based on the translation i didn’t think this is “a good bye” song. for me, it was like we discouraging someone who we love.. like family, friends or lover maybe? and yes the members are the cast for 2 moons the series. only Copter had debut as a new actor if i’m not mistaken. The rest (Bas, Tee, Kimmon and Tae) got their drama and movie before.. Then, their label company (They were from the same label company) decided to form a group for them since they all can sing. It rarely for me to find out that actor debut as a solo then turn to form a group. For me, they were unique.. wasn’t??? and also they are getting more popular lately.. especially in Asia.

    • Actually, it is *extremely* common in Thai movie/drama industry for the actors to be turned into singers/groups, ever since August Band came out of the movie Love of Siam in 2007, then every series and teeny movie started promoting the actors as singers and it became a huge fad which got old quick. So as someone who has experienced it for a long time, finding out they were all actors from the same series made me groan and roll my eyes because it’s so not-unique haha~ Regardless of their origins, I’m happy to see any Thai group gaining popularity outside the country, but I would be surprised if they lasted more than a couple singles, like all the other actors-turned-boybands, as people forget about them after the series is forgotten and people move on to a new drama~
      But thanks for sharing your insight! 🙂

    • Yeah, i do agree with you, i didn’t think that as goodbye, but cheering up someone who’s being loved but so far away and can’t be together in short time, but hoping that someday will be a day that they’ll together. i’m sorry if ny english are bad

  4. I did not get a goodbye vibe from this, in fact they’re talking about a love that still very much alive. So it’s much more a love song than a goodbye song.

    • Really? Even with lyrics that literally say “pretend like I’m still there” and “can it be like when we were still together?” Like, yeah I can see a long-distance relationship or something, but it still talks about being separated and hoping to some day meet again, like they’re not going to be around for a long time haha

  5. I think this is a great song. Yes it didn’t suit as a debut song but I think what the song really want to say is that we should listen to this song whenever we, their fans, are missing them. They don’t want us to feel lonely and sad, that’s why they come up with this lyrics. I also think that they want to be with us in our loneliness and sadnes. They want us to feel that they are there wherever we are. This is only my opinion.

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