3 comments on ““เขียนในใจ ร้องในเพลง (Kian Nai Jai Raung Nai Pleng)” by Da Endorphine

  1. I really like this song as it is easy to sing and the lyrics are so meaningful ! thanks for doing this great job for translating the lyrics for us! it is really useful to use in learning Phasa Thai and thanks to you, i could sing along with Room39 when they came to Singapore for their concert 3 weeks back ! khop khun makmak na kha, khun Tahmnong ^/\^

  2. Thank you so much Tahmnong. Appreciate your hard work and time. I just wish I understand what the short movie was about. I searched for English subtitles but couldn’t find -_-

  3. hi i’m from Singapore and a very BIG fan of Da! just dropping a line to let you know that you are appreciated… thanks for doing this!

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