7 comments on ““พรุ่งนี้ทุกวัน (Proong Nee Took Wun)” by Victor

  1. “Why the heck does the title of this series have two y’s at the end? Is it seriously related to the story at all, or was it somebody just trying to write English like a drunken sorority girl?” Ha ha ha..love this comment. but the question is real, whyy indeed?

  2. there is one part in this series that had this melo bgm song (that one part when Apor tried to pry Wai’s shirt off of Wai hands), its a male voice btw. (I hate the fact that I’m cant find the real song. everywhere. sobssobs)

    but the subbing team did put an english trans for da lyric on the video,

    “From a person with tears and noboody looks at.
    But when you come in change my life
    you make this person have a meaning.”

    soooo, dear admin-nim.. *que hardcore puppy eyes*
    can u please put this song on your page too? like pretty please?

    • Unfortunately literally 90% of all series soundtracks have those exact lyrics ^^;; sorry, I’ll need more to narrow it down

  3. May I as if you know any site where I can find or buy the sheet music for this song, please? 🙂

    I would very much appreciate if you let me know a few 🙂

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