One comment on ““วายร้าย ( Villain )” by UrboyTJ

  1. Ayy~ Very good review, Tahmnong! 🙂 Thanks for translating. And, I agree, this one is actually pretty nice and at least makes sense this time. My guess (I could be wrong) for the “let me hit you one more time” is that it doesn’t mean “hit” physically. I think it could mean “hit you up” as in you to hang out/spend time together one last time. Actually Britney Spears’s well known debut “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was supposed to mean this, as well

    Or, like “hit” figuratively like “hitting” or “getting a hit” of a drug/vice. Hit kind of meaning taste, in a way. Basically, saying her or her sex is a drug for him, so he wants to “get it in” one last time, and since it’s love-making, his aim is to make her smile (pleasure her) as well as getting pleasure himself. Kind of like “I need another hit of you/Let me get another hit of you.” OR, it could mean also, that he is giving her a “hit” of him. Reason I say this, is because I’ve heard it said this way in a few American songs before. .At least, I feel like this is what makes more sense. I mean, I know the song’s called “Villian”, but geeze, if it’s literal, that’s taking it way too far.

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