2 comments on ““Yesเท่ห์ (Yes Tay)” by Buff4

  1. Lolololol thank you for translating. I knew it! I knew it all along! I could just tell that this was gonna be some “we’re so hot/we’re so cool” type of song full of over-the-top bragging for no real reason. I could just tell by the vibe I was getting off the song, and I don’t even understand a lick of Thai lol. All the other foreign fans I see that like this song are just acting like it’s a normal boyband type of song, but I had a feeling it wasn’t. Which is why I wanted you to translate, to see if I was right XD

    Btw, side not, can I just mention hoe straight up disturbing the line “I’ll take every gender and every age, just scream loudly for me” is? If there’s a double meaning to that…that’s really gross O.o Wtf?
    I doubt we’ll ever see a second single from them XD

    • Haha seriously… I’m still confused over this. If they’re a parody anti-boyband group, I would totally support them and all their trolling, but they should be really over-the-top and ridiculous about it like WHO was. But I can’t see any indication that this song was a joke song, and there’s no laughing or anything in the Youtube comments, just either people saying _____ is handsome, or people saying the dance is sloppy or the song’s not catchy, like they’re an actual group, so if they’re a serious group who just debut themselves with a sloppy first single claiming how amazingly perfect and superior they are, I don’t see a very bright future for them hahaha
      And yes, that line is extremely cringe-worthy haha

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