6 comments on ““กินข้าวยัง? (Gin Kao Yung)” by Bie Sukrit

  1. Hi Bie Sukrit im your fan from Philippines I hope youll notice me ive tried hard to just find this website who have your Song lyrics with english Translate so bear me with this hahaha. Cause i really dont undrstand the writings and Got lucky to find this Website. Im really a fan and actually Im admired with you thats why i want to learn your songs in Thailand Language so i can song with you. youre so Adorable , cute and handsome I followed you on instagram i do listen to your songs on youtube and i do watch Youre My destiny With esthersupreelala and i was started to inlove more with the tandem Hope youll read this .. godbless from a fan – Lai

    • Same here!!! Oh Bie Sukrit! Please come here in the Philippines. So many Pilipinos loves you and your music! Ka Bhun Ka!

  2. This video is so nice! Everyday i am watching it.! i could even dance with the rhythm. The whole production is perfect! 🙂
    I love Bie Sukrit! 🙂

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