16 comments on ““Oh Baby I” by Mike D. Angelo

  1. I have watched the whole drama …. And it was just aswm…. Best part of the song is that i never got board while lisenting to this song…i should have get board with this song because that’s not my language… But even… Its my best song ever heard …. I have gone through many type languages…. But trust me…. This is just aswm… I wish one day I go toThailand…. And meet ur whole team…. But hope that is a lovely dream for me…. That’s all from my side….

  2. I am an Indian. I love this song. It’s so beautiful. I can’t explain. Also I love kiss me song. It’s just amazing.

  3. omg!!!!!!! I can’t get enough of your songs :* especially the “kiss me” song 🙂 and your so very talented :)))))

  4. Really lovely Thai drama.. and this song is sooo.. lovely that touches directly to the heart..
    I love the couple of this thai drama : Mike and Om-Am both..
    Very sweet story writing..
    Love you the makers of such a sweet drama and love you all the lovers of this Thai drama to make it so successfully.. 🙂

  5. I love this song soooo much!!!♡♡
    And the drama is also very lovely….love you mike and aom….(AOMIKE)

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