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  1. Hey there.

    Im also a fan of the band and Im from the Philippines.

    I have purchased the album but I havent got it yet so I cant give you my views on the songs.
    As to the album debut song, “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”, I like the slow tune but I also thought it was a little bland. They could have put a little effort on the “desperate” tendencies of the song. But anyways, it is good so long as you dont compare it to their other album since they have transitioned to a different genre.

    And yes, I miss their old punk rock music but I am always open for changes.

    Support the artists! Buy their music legally.

  2. Yay! Your blog is perfect! I’m a fan from Philippines so looking for articles and reviews about the band and their music is quite hard (most blogs were in Thai language, I’m having hard time translating them)

    I’ve been listening to the band since last year and it’s true that their music from the debut record is quite different from ‘Look at the Sky’ album. Anyway, ‘Diary’ is currently my favorite track off the record, though I haven’t heard all the tracks yet. Hehe. I agree with you that this song has their old style in it (though I could only speak on how it sounds; lyric-wise, I still need to rely on translations. Hehe)

    Thank you for this blog! I love it. 🙂

    PS: I was about to research if ethaicd.com is a legit store but since you’ve mentioned it is, I might purchase both the debut and sophomore album soon. As of the moment, I’ll use youtube to listen to them. Hehe.

    • Thank you for your comment! ^_^ Always nice to hear from a fellow No More Tear fan~ 🙂

      As for ethaicd.com, though their prices keep going up, they’re probably the best international online retailer of Thai entertainment media out there. I have spent hundreds of dollars there myself, so I can vouch that they are a legit store and sell the real things, no bootlegs haha 😀

  3. I moved from America to Chiang Mai last year and for the year before I moved I started listening to as much Thai pop and rock as I could find. Yellow Light was (and is) my favorite Thai pop album by far and I was so excited when they started making hints that another album was coming out. Then the singles started showing up on Youtube and I was SO disappointed. They were all so soft and slow. Yellow Light is just so fun and the new singles were not. I still bought Look At The Sky as soon as it came out and was quite relieved that even though the singles were soft the album on the whole still rocked and it rocked in a more mature guitar driven way leaving some of the programmed synth sound behind. I don’t like it as much as Yellow Light (which doesn’t have any tracks that I dislike) but aside from 2 or 3 on the new one I like it very much and Diary is pretty fantastic. เหมือนเดิม is my favorite ballad of theirs and I think her voice sounds fragile and tender in the right way for it.

    As I look out of my studio window right now at the bright December sun shining through the Mango trees ดีกว่าเสียดาย just gets me excited to go out in to fresh Thai air and take whatever comes my way.

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