3 comments on ““เก๊าท์…รักตะเอง (Gowt…Ruk Dta Eng)” by Oom Kasiya

  1. Wow, an Rsiam girl fully clothed?! Heh…must be seeing things. Why does she have so few songs solo? Like, she has two from three or four years ago, and then one in 2015. What’s with the big year gap? Also, this song, as far as the music and the video go, not lyrics, is kind of what I prefer modern lukthung as, and not all the “hips, hair, butt, and boobs” it is now.

    • She only had two or three singles because nobody took any interest in her because R-Siam never really promoted her. Pity, right? Her sound wasn’t terrible~

      And “kree kree” means nothing, it’s just sounds haha

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