3 comments on ““รักกว่านี้ไม่มีอีกละ (No More)” by Timethai (ธามไท) ft. Tomo K-Otic

  1. Hi,

    I believe this is the rap part:)

    Still,still,still,you still beautiful
    Now who’s gonna stop us,
    Who’s gonna change us,
    Just us,and who can come in between us.

    Do you know the English rap for k-otic one wish? :) cause That part it’s so awesome:)

    • Thank you! xD Updated~
      And nope, can’t hear the English rap in K-Otic’s One Wish either haha, care to help out with that one as well?

      • Sure! :) I’ll try. I’ll get the closest possible lyric. But not 100% accurate. I’ll comment it on the k-Otic one wish post when I’m done.

        P.S. Thanks for this site, appreciate it alot! :)

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