5 comments on ““ใก้ล (Glai)” by Scrubb

  1. On my last night in Bangkok, Nov 2012, In a cafe I heard a song that I like from the first time I heard. I asked the waiter, it was Glai by Scrubb.

    So I went back to Jakarta. Trying to find the song online on youtube. But the song there (and everywhere) is a bit rough / rock-y. Quite different from what I heard on that cafe.

    Is there any other version from the song?
    The one I first heard was a bit slower in tempo.

    • This is the only version I know of…
      It was the OST for a movie.
      Maybe another artist did an acoustic cover of it?

      • There is another version of it.

        I don’t speak thai, I can’t read thai, I can’t write thai, after several “painful” hours searching on youtube, I found that version I heard in Silom.

        Check this :

        I love thai music 😀

        • Oh…LOL that’s the album version. xD That’s the song I have on my ipod ahaha. Woops, guess I never noticed it was slightly different, but glad you finally found it!! 😀

          • My conclusion is there are 2 version of the song.
            1. From the album Club (2005), it has 2 music videos. (one on a club, one as a movie soundtrack)
            2. From album called Chood Lek (2008), which is the version I heard in Bangkok.

            Correct me if i’m wrong.

            Anyway, thanks for making this wordpress. I discovered some interesting thai music. (Currently I’m digging 25 Hours — love them)

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